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Paul Tompkins, CEO of Flippin Experts and Tranquility Realty, is a successful entrepreneur, Real Estate investor, speaker and coach. He understands how difficult and confusing it can be to get started in real estate!! Paul used his many years of experience that allowed him to quickly build a 7 figure real estate business to create The Flippin Experts Online Training Course.

Paul’s passion is to see you succeed in real estate. His secrets to success will fast track you to achieving the financial success you desire.



“If you’ve seen any of the HGTV Fixer Upper or DIY TV shows, Paul and Kelsey take a page out of their playbook! Paul not only sees diamonds in the rough, but passionately shares with you his approach on how you too can enter into the real estate market of flipping houses no one else sees and making money! Paul is the consummate professional showing his flips from the beginning of the construction phase and from an investor standpoint and Kelsey designs them stylishly in a cutting edge fashion! Sit back, grab some popcorn and relax as he unveils each renovation flip he does while his beautiful wife Kelsey transforms their houses into homes!” – Larry

“Love how Paul's course walked me through the entire process of getting started in real estate, not just pieces of it. His advise and techniques on saving money throughout the entire process has already saved me so much money. We stole or should I say implemented so many of their design techniques, which has helped our homes sell faster than anyone else's in the area. The course also did a great job of pointing out things that some other programs and people may overlook when buying a house. (Cost of doing Business....didn't even know what that was). PS. Loved all the downloads and on the job site videos that came with the course. Great tips and 5 STAR” - Jennifer

“Paul is a great guy who always puts others before himself. He is a strong leader who knows when to be compassionate and when to provide stronger guidance” – Brett

“Paul brought a huge level of expertise when it came to breaking down how to spot a potential investment property, then he gave me all the necessary steps to acquire, renovate and even sell the property for a great profit. Highly recommend this course and Paul to anyone! Thank you Paul!” – Andy