5 Ways to Flip It Faster

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Do you want to renovate and sell your house faster than the competition?

It’s ALL in the DETAILS!

Have you thought about buying a fixer upper to sell as an investment? OR maybe you are looking to sell your home quickly? Either way you may have questions on how to sell your house faster, and we want to help! That’s why we created this check list. After renovating and selling houses over the past 12 years, along with coaching others how to successfully fix & flip houses, we’ve compiled a list of the most important- yet seemingly little- details that often get overlooked by the homeowner, yet will keep your property from selling before the other listings! This checklist was created to help your house fly off the market, because through our own experience we’ve proven that this list worked for us! After all… It’s ALL in the Details! 

Check YES to the following before listing your property!

_____Do all hardware finishes match, and are they in good condition?

From faucets, light fixtures, and cabinet pulls, to door hinges, knobs, and stoppers- A simple and inexpensive way to update your home is to update and match these details entirely throughout the house (or at the very LEAST in the main living spaces)!  It will give your buyer’s the feeling of a cohesive home as they walk through it. The goal is to make the house feel seamless. When little things are off- such as combining a nickel door knob on a door with oil bronze hinges, next to a chrome chandelier- your buyers will notice the disarray, and instead of being in awe of the home they’ll be left asking “well why does it look like that?” Or they’ll have the dreaded question “If something this simple is off, What important things are going to be off too?” Save yourself and match your finishes!

___Is all lighting uniform?

In addition to light fixtures coordinating, the light they give off should match as well! Have you ever noticed how many light bulb options there are? I think I stood in the light bulb aisle for over an hour the first time I bought bulbs for a flip house. There are 56+ different types of light bulbs including different bases required for different fixtures, different shapes, sizes, wattages, and colors-  at first it made my head spin- and I must admit- before I learned this trick, it looked really funny when I put bright LED lights in a chandelier, next to warm yellow Edison bulbs in my pendant lighting (please don’t try that at home!). Also, the color the light gives off doesn’t just effect the mood of your home, but it can also enhance or detract from your interior selections. Those warm yellow edison bulbs also made the gray walls in that particular house look green (That’s not the neutral our buyers are looking for folks). My advice is to pick one color and stick with it throughout the house. My go to favorite right now is daylight white 4000k, whether I am buying a candelabra, Edison, flood or standard E26 light bulb, I coordinate my light bulbs to be daylight white. The home is bright, & cohesive throughout. PLUS, as an added bonus, the listing pictures look great!

 ___Are all plastic components clean, bright, and fresh?

Oftentimes the houses we buy have dingy yellow looking outlets/covers, or on the rare occasion, over the top decorative cover plates. In a few short hours we go through and replace all light switches, electrical outlets, covers, and smoke alarms, with fresh bright white ones. This is a subtle change but truly makes the whole house feel brand new!

___Do walls & ceilings look new?

There hasn’t been a flip that we’ve done yet that didn’t require at least patching visible holes, caulking some cracks, and touching up some paint. We recommend painting the entire interior of the home with a neutral color paired with white ceilings & bright white trim. In addition to pressure washing and/or painting the exterior as well. This makes the home feel like a blank canvas and your buyers won’t be distracted by too many colors that they may dislike! 

*Bonus Tip- use light colors to make the home feel bigger! We ALWAYS paint closet walls white in order make them look as spacious as they can.

 ___Is the home decor neutral and clean?

The goal is to eliminate distractions. You want everyone who steps into your home to be able to imagine themselves living there. A dirty house, will have your buyers leaving thinking they need to go home and shower, not that they need to hire a moving truck. 

If you are staging or even living in the house, remember: Less is more! Dejunk, depersonalize, and get rid of as much extras as possible. Arrange furniture to make the home feel as big as you are able. The goal is for the home to look spacious, organized and inviting. 

We can’t wait to see your listing marked: SOLD!

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