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We believe HOME is a place, not created by the walls around you, but by the people & the beautiful memories made inside of those walls! 

Yet we must keep in mind that our job as Flippin Experts is laying the foundation and setting the stage for these homes to be created… and through staging we can do just that! 


SO your home renovation is done. Every inch of the house has been enhanced inside and out- from the floor to the ceiling. It’s time to prepare the property listing… That’s also about the time you may start asking “should I REALLY spend the money to stage this house?”

What is staging? 

Staging a house is the process of strategically arranging furnishings and decor to make a house look its best while selling

Before Staging:

After Staging:

I’m just going to say it- when Paul and I first started flipping houses together I didn’t like the idea of staging AT ALL. I can’t tell you how many times I would walk into a house listed for sale & the first thing I thought was I can’t wait until all of this STUFF is out of here! No matter the initial condition my mind always goes straight to fixing- or at least enhancing- my surroundings. I immediately imagine what the house full of STUFF would look like empty- a fresh blank canvas. I plan where I would put all of the furnishings that will complement the home perfectly. That’s how I am wired. I love taking rooms down to nothing, creating a clean canvas and starting over. I love imagining and envisioning what something could become, and -whether it’s good or bad-asking how it can be made EVEN better, and then making that happen ;). I’m constantly doing this with our flips, rentals, and our own house (shout out to my AMAZING husband, Paul & our team for going along with my ideas and somehow finding ways to execute my vision perfectly!). That is my creative nature which helps us be successful with what we do. I can’t tell you how much stuff we have to look past when we first walk into a home and decide if we can flip that house.

BUT I started having a shift. I realized that although I can walk into a room, imagine the furniture layout, envision a family eating and playing games at the dinner table, and creating the warm and welcoming home we all crave, MOST people CAN’T imagine it. They walk into an empty home & feel the emptiness they see. They need a little guidance & as house Flippin Experts, they need us to set the stage so they can visualize how their own memories could be made in this new home. 

Forbes ran an article with statistics showing that homes sell for 17% more when they are staged. According to the mortgage reports: staged houses sell 73% faster than homes that aren’t staged! 

Which means, staging your house will help it sell for more money  & sell it faster which also increases your profits! 

So let’s create the warm and welcoming feeling that our buyers crave and set the scene by staging your property.

Here are our top 5 staging tips:

  1. Clean House- the after renovation dirt, dust, grime & leftover trash is not only going to cover up beautiful features, but can hint to your buyer that the home is unappreciated and not taken care of. Whether it’s a new construction, renovation, or older home, the home needs to be squeaky clean and look cared for. Clean Homes are Happy Homes, and your buyers want to move in to a joyful home, not a home that looks like it needs a HAZMAT team!
  2. Neutral Colors- Of course this is something you’ve already kept in mind when making your material selections for your renovation, but it is also important when you are staging with furniture. The goal is to eliminate distractions. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT make bold statements here. We want any potential buyer that walks into the house to be able to imagine themselves living there comfortably. Buyers can be turned off and distracted when a home is too personalized or the design elements are too bold, or too trendy. Stock up with calming neutral colors: Tan, gray, cream, taupe, black, white and brown are your furniture friends. 
  3. Spacious Spaces- Furniture placement & scale is very important. The goal is to make your home feel as large & functional as possible. Using light neutral colors as mentioned above adds to this, but furniture placement is key to making the home feel as big as possible! Pay attention to the scale of the furniture. Using large pieces in small rooms will make the house feel smaller! A giant couch in a tiny living room would make your buyers feel like their furniture won’t fit! Scale is everything! Find balance- Too much makes it feel crammed, too little makes it feel unwelcoming and lonely. We want the buyers to know this home has the perfect space for everything they’re going to want to move into it. 
  4. Bright Rooms- Bright natural lighting makes the home feel bigger and more inviting, don’t underestimate the power of the natural light peaking through the windows, but there are other ways to make rooms feel bright. Making sure all light bulbs match throughout the house, adding lamps, and mirrors are also great ways to enhance the brightness of the room. Keep in mind a lot of showings happen in the evenings after work when the sun may be down. Check that the lighting is bright enough at night too! BONUS TIP: Stop by the property and turn on all the lights before a showing to make sure your home is literally shown in the best light.
  5. Welcoming Touches- welcome mats at the front door, fresh white linens in the bathrooms, live plants/flowers (or ones that look alive- especially if you aren’t there to water & clean up daily) are all key elements that make a home feel livable, welcoming & inviting. 

One final message.

Our advice is this: weigh out your options, get quotes, and above everything else make sure the numbers make sense. We have sold homes staged and we have sold homes completely empty. We have found that in some of our markets the staged homes truly make a difference and help the property sell faster, while in other areas the rates for staging is extremely high and the cost exceeds the rewards. We’ve been extremely profitable both ways. Just like a renovation, if you can’t do it well, it’s better not to do it at all!

Happy Staging & Keep Flippin It Right!

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