Creating Wealth W/ Fix and Flips

The Flippin Experts Creating Wealth W/ Fix and Flips Online Training Course was created to teach what you need to know to successfully buy, renovate, and sell a home to make a profit! This course is a compilation of everything I have learned running a multimillion-dollar real estate fix & flip company. Whether you are looking to do your first real estate deal or you’re already cranking, this course is designed to save you time and money!

My passion for helping others succeed in this market started after seeing “Newbies” making mistakes, wasting precious time, and losing TONS of money! I saw people spending money on courses that didn’t give them all the tools they needed. I saw inexperienced flippers guessing or using inaccurate systems to get the value of the home and guessing the cost of a rehab only to loose hundreds of thousands of dollars in the end. I saw homes being renovated so poorly that they couldn’t pass inspections and the homes had to be completely renovated again just to sell. I know firsthand that there is a better way, the systems I have developed will prevent you from learning the hard way and  I want to share my secrets with you, so you can have lasting wealth and “Go Crush It” !

Don't just take our word for it

Some of the topics in this online course include:

  • Business set up
  • Buying Criteria's
  • Locating Properties
  • Funding Deals
  • Knowing your numbers & Finding Comparable Sales
  • Inspections
  • Renovations
  • Sales
  • & MORE!